Nails Services


The revolutionary nail care with quick UV curing odorless gel nails. Softer than acrylic, gel nails will not turn yellow. Best yet, they work with your natural nails, bending rather than breaking. Your beautifully fi

LCN Gel P & W Full Set $70 

LCN Gel P & W Fill in $50 

LCN Gel Pink Fill only $30 

UV Gel Full Set $45 

UV Gel Fill in $25 

Solar Powder P& W Full Set $50 

Solar Powder P& W Fill in $40 

Solar Pink Fill in $25 

Pink Powder Full Set $35 

Pink Powder Fill in $20 

White Tip Crystal Full Set $40 

White Tip Crystal Fill in $30 

Crystal Full Set $30 

Crystal Fill in $22 

White Tip Acrylic Full Set $35 

White Tip Acrylic Fill in $25 

Acrylic Full Set $25 

Acrylic Fill in $19 

Dipping Powder $35 

Manicure & Pedicure

Luxury Jelly Pedicure $50 

Luxury Pearl Pedicure $50 

Jelly Pedicure $35 

Gel Pedicure $35 

Pedicure $22 

Gel Manicure $25 

Manicure $10 

Pedicure & Manicure $30 


The Basic Pedicure $22 

The basic pedicure treatment for your feet will reveal a brighter and healthier looking skin

For tired, achy feet and legs massage, more massage is the answer

10 minutes $10


Milk & Honey Pedicure $45 

Sunkist Pedicure $45 

Are you tired of calluses and rough redi... feeling conditioned and refreshed. ... remove rough skin from your tired.....

gentle application of our orange scrub mask and a butter mask leaving your feet feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.


Lavender Scent Pedicure $45 

Sleep Pearl Pedicure $50 

Snow Jelly Pedicure $35 

New Jersey Signature Pedi $55 

Waxing Service

Full Legs $45 

Full Back $45 

Full Face $30 

Bikini $25 +

Full Arms $25 

Half Legs $25 

Half Arms $15 

Eyebrows $7 

Chin $6 

Lip $5 

Additional Service

Change Color Gel Feet $25 

Change Color Gel Hands $15 

Change Color Feet $10 

Change Color Hands $7 

Nails Design $5 +

Nails Repair $3 +